ARTS FOR ALL dance company throw his Artistic director ,saying thank you so much for your support and help to keep organizing dance events.For the 3 edition we are inviting you again this year for the international HAPPY AFRICAN FESTIVAL to enjoy and exchange your happiness and energy with us ,this year 2023 the festival is making a new challenger who is introducing this time contemporary dance program by inviting international Artists.we are looking forward having you with us during the festival.


The "Happy African Festival" is a project of "ARTS FOR ALL dance company". The first time the festival was named “African Contemporary Night” held in 2018 with the aim of spreading African culture and deepening cultural exchange between Togo and Japan. After very wonderful experience and seeing how much Kobe people was interested in knowing more about Africa,we decided to make the festival happening every two years .2019 was the 1st edition renamed as HAPPY AFRICAN FESTIVAL held in Happy house Rokken according to the concept of the festival which is interaction between communities. This project is a platform for cultural exchange, a place for African artists living in Japan to disseminate their art, discover Japanese communities, and create connections with people living in Kobe city . It also plays a role as a small "Africa" ​​within Japan by disseminating the diverse cultures of African countries. The 2023 the 2e edition and future “Happy African Festival” aims to deliver a richer cultural exchange between Japanese and Africans, develop traditional dance styles, and convey contemporary works.For this year 2023 the festival has new challenges by opening a new program who is contemporary dance by inviting African but also Japanese contemporary artist.

  • Date: 2023/11/19 11:00
  • Location: Japan, 〒653-0041 Hyogo, Kobe, Nagata Ward, Kubochō, 6 Chome−1−1 4f (Map)
  • More Info: 4 floor

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